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Witch, Please is a fortnightly podcast in which two lady scholars reread the entire Harry Potter series, rewatch all the movies, and discuss them for their own amusement. You can listen too.

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  1. Greetings Witches

    I have a theory why the villan goblin in fantastic beast and where to find them has bent fingers. I believe that the government have punished him for some criminal activity. Because all elves snaps there fingers to make magic, so they broke his fingers so he can not make magic any more.

    thanks for a grate podcast!

  2. Hej,
    You are the best thing that ever came from mine and my sisters relationship!!
    She sent me a link to your page and this is just the best, thank you so much!!
    // a Swedish hufflepuff

  3. Hi,

    Haven’t listened to your podcast yet, but was just scrolling down the episodes when it hit me: you have episode 9.5, but not 9 3/4?? 😛

  4. Hi I am really looking for some good Fantasy/Sci- Fi/ Afrofuturist Novels. Written from a diaspora perspective. do you guys have a few suggestions on other books to delve into on the level that you have gone into the Harry Potter series that is not as patriarchal as novels such as Lord of the Rings? Thanks

  5. Hello from South Africa!

    Are you on Spotify??

    Please say yes.

    I can’t find you and it’s makin me sad.

  6. Hello Hannah and Marcel
    Just listened to the the episode 13C

    Firstly, I’d like to say thanks to both for the very entertaining programs!

    Secondly, I’d like to ask about something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

    I’m from Brazil, and the current political, economical and social situation is very chaotic, and since I began listening to the podcast, I’ve been thinking about sharing them with some friends, not only because of the point view you guys take on the books and films regarding all these aspects (social, economical, political, and of course feminist) of the wizarding world, but also because although I’m not white or heterosexual, I’m cis and male, and have learned loads with each episode.

    Not all of my friends speaks or understand english, so I had an idea: I’ve thought about transcribing the episodes, and translating them to portuguese, and make this translation public so more people can consume it. A similar project to the one that I’m currently doing with “The Quibbler Podcast”

    I would, of course, link it to the original episode and give the proper credits, but before starting it I thought better to ask you if this is OK.

    thanks for your attention,
    kind regards.
    Hugo Bler

  7. I miss Witch Please! It’s shown me, as a man, all the work I didn’t even know I have to do to be a good feminist.

    Also! I think Hannah & Marcelle need to watch Prime Suspect 3 where a young David Thewlis (actor for our beloved Remus Lupin) plays a rugged queer child predator, as if this was the Lupin that became like Greyback. Also, Ralph Fiennes is in Prime Suspect 1, but they used cgi to put a nose on him…

    (We all miss you, Witch Please!!)

  8. I know it has been literal years, but since I am once again in the middle of a relisten of this entire podcast, I figured it was time to finally leave a message. Thank you so much for all of the work you did on Witch Please, and the amazing discussions you had and facilitated. This podcast helped me love Harry Potter both more and more complexly. Besides loving the content of the podcast, this also remains one of my go-to places on the internet when I’m not feeling great, so thank you for that as well!

  9. I assume you are no longer making these (please correct me if I’m wrong), but i must say this has been one of my most favorite things to listen to in this shitty coronavirus situation. So, thank you a million times.

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