Episode 13B: Deathly Famous

Image Credit: Eric/Kimber on Flickr
Image Credit: Eric/Kimber on Flickr

Howdy witches!

Marcelle edited tonight’s episode in a flurry of packing so please forgive the dearth of whimsical sound effects! We hope that even without an obscene number of honks and hoots you’ll enjoy this second instalment of our discussion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. But, to be honest, we’re so internet famous now that we might just start making weird avant-garde artsy episodes to fuck with you. Probably not. But we could!

{TW: episode contains use of the song “Taps” and references to death}

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Episode Nu: Politically Joyful at the Calgary Expo

Copy of Women Podcasting in the Potterverse (1)

Howdy, witches!

While Hannah was off feministing her heart out in Ontario, Marcelle and Trevor and Neale recorded a live episode at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! A word of warning: the sound quality is lousy but there are some cute hippogriff baby coos AND the attendees were RADIANT! Also there’s a slide show to accompany our panel below if you like visuals.

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Episode 13A: Hedwig’s Last Flight

Hedwig Soars
Photo credit: Peter Trimming, Flickr

Tonight, witches, we bid farewell to a friend and confidante. As the Harry Potter series draws to an end Hannah and Marcelle get selectively weepy because compassion fatigue is real and, like, everybody dies in this book. So pour yourself a stiff drink and, while you’re at it, pour one out for Hedwig that she may soar again in our dreams.

{TW: episode contains use of the song “Taps” and references to death}

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Episode 12.5: Montages Through the Ages


Pull out your scissors and glue sticks, witches, because today we’re bringing you a very special montage-filled minisode. As part of our public lecture, “Witch, Please: Feminist Fandom, Public Pedagogy, and Podcasting,” delivered at the University of Calgary, Marcelle prepared two audio montages of our book and movie episodes. They’re pretty charming, and you should probably listen to them and share them with everyone you know.

If you’d like to see a little more of our public lecture, you can check out the live tweet stream and some gratuitous gifs on our Storify.

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Episode N: Witch, Please! Live and Scholarly at the U of C


Settle down students because class is about to begin! Cheer for your U of A Champions Hannah and Marcelle as they swoop into the University of Calgary’s English Department on their shiny new Red Arrow broomsticks. It’s kind of like the Triwizard Tournament, except it’s like really safe for all involved.

Graciously invited by Dr. Derritt Mason and his Children’s Literature class, Marcelle and Hannah have a topical back-and-forth before opening up the floor to questions that will challenge their wits and long term memories. Will our covenheads reign supreme? (Spoiler alert: everybody wins in this scholarly romp!)

PS: Special thanks to photographer extraordinaire @sarahraemurray for this perfect image of Academic Joy.

Update: If you’d like to read along with us, here are the relevant articles!

Maria Tatar: No More Adventures in Wonderland 

Native Appropriations: “Magic in North America”: The Harry Potter franchise veers too close to home

Native Appropriations: Magic in North America Part 1: Ugh. 

Righting Red: Magic & Marginalization: Et tu, JK? :(

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Episode M: The Technicolor Dream Snape


Get your adult colouring books ready, witches! In tonight’s minisode Hannah and Marcelle descend the rabbit hole of adult colouring books, producing a relatively unedited stream-of-consciousness discussion about books, libraries, censorship, Nazism(?!), racism in general, and how good Snape would look in jewel tones.

Aaaaaaand! if you live in the Calgary area we hope you’ll come to our public talk at the University of Calgary on Thursday March 17th. Details about the event can be found here! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Episode 12: Harry Potter and the Teen Sex Romparoo

teen sex romp
Image Source: Martin Fisch on Flickr

Get ready for a sexy romp with our favourite witches and wizards in this week’s critical analysis of the sexy film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. If you haven’t seen the sexy trailer, check it out here as it features sexily in our sexy critique.

And if that isn’t sexy enough, break out your Malcoy flirting fans because beloved guy-with-a-sexy-film-degree Neale Barnholden returns to explain all the sexy technical terms necessary to understand this sexy teen comedy.

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