Harry Potter and the Sexy Reboot

sexxxy reboot
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Hold onto your hard drives, witches, because we have an announcement for you!

We’ve been thinking over the past months about ways to make Witch, Please sustainable. After two years of fortnightly episodes, we’re worried about fizzling out over the next year. We don’t want to fizzle out, dear witches, because hanging out with you is too much fun. And so we have arrived at: A PLAN.

Proudly announcing: Witch, Please 2.0, this time with seasons, and maybe an even more incomprehensible numbering system?

Starting this summer, we are going to begin producing annual seasons of new episodes. Shorter seasons will let us keep going for longer, and ensure that we can stick around to talk about the next 4,000 Harry Potter movies. Episodes this summer will include Hannah’s visit to London, our promised viewing of A Very Potter Musical, a discussion of the music of the wizarding world, and more!

Until then, we’ll stay on Twitter and in your hearts. But for now: later, witches.

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Episode 18B: #FantasticAsks, Or, That’s Real Fucked Up



We don’t believe in resolutions because they are a neoliberal conceit intended to keep you politically docile by convincing you that your very being is a perfectable project. But we do believe in trying to educate yourself every damn day, and in that spirit, this minisode is accompanied by some recommended readings. Enjoy!

Content Warning for this episode: discussion of racialized violence and murder.

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Episode 18: Roaring Anachronisms and Where to Find Them

image of Newt Scamander tickling a Niffler
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Greetings from the Roaring Twenties, witches!

In this excitingly lengthy new beast of an episode, Marcelle and Hannah are joined by your favourite Guy with a Film Degree: Neale Barnholden! Your hilarious hosts FINALLY talk about that new venture into the Wizarding World by money machines JK Rowling and Warner Brothers: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

Get cozy, because this episode is fantastically long!

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