Episode 18: Roaring Anachronisms and Where to Find Them

image of Newt Scamander tickling a Niffler
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Greetings from the Roaring Twenties, witches!

In this excitingly lengthy new beast of an episode, Marcelle and Hannah are joined by your favourite Guy with a Film Degree: Neale Barnholden! Your hilarious hosts FINALLY talk about that new venture into the Wizarding World by money machines JK Rowling and Warner Brothers: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

Get cozy, because this episode is fantastically long!

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The jazzy interlude rounding out our six minute CW conversation comes to us from bensound.com

Episode Sigma: Harry Potter and the Brand of Loyalty

Image credit: Ashley Hostetter "The Charming Classroom"
Image credit: Ashley Hostetter “The Charming Classroom”

Welcome back, witches! We are gearing up to tackle Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! In this fantastic minisode, Marcelle sits down with Harry Potter marketing wiz and wandmaker-in-training  Rachelle Saunders (of Science for the People fame) to talk about branding and Harry Potter. So grab your House Scarf and an official Witch, Please mug of hot cocoa and cozy up for this magical exploration of marketing in the Potterverse!

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The sound effect of the melodious human singing “Sexyyyyyyyyyy” came from maurolupo.

Episode Rho: Live and Professional at Tufts University

Photo credit: Max Lalanne / The Tufts Daily
Photo credit: Max Lalanne / The Tufts Daily

Howdy, witches! This extended universe not-so-mini minisode comes to you hot off the mics in America! Hannah and Marcelle (and Trevor!) (and the hippogriff baby, too!!) had the pleasure of visiting Tufts University to deliver a workshop on podcasting and to speak on a panel with Tufts Experimental College Professor Lydia XZ Brown about disability, race, and queerness in the Harry Potter series. It was awesome!

If you’d like to learn more about Lydia and their work (and you really should!), visit their website: autistichoya.net

Thanks to everyone who came out to the workshop, the panel, AND OUR AWESOME MEETUP AT GRENDEL’S DEN! You fantastic humans truly inspire us and we are stoked to be chipping away at the white supremacist patriarchy by your sides.

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