Episode 10: One Member Short of an Order


Tonight is a magical night for citizens in the North Land called Canada. In addition to a Federal Election with a potentially record-breaking voter turnout, there’s also some kind of sports event starring some carnivorous birds that people are taking pretty seriously. Also, the latest episode of Witch, Please!

In tonight’s episode Hannah and Marcelle tackle the fifth movie without any actual film expertise from our favourite Actual-Guy-with-a-Film-Degree, Neale. But fear not, covenmates, Neale will be back. And on the topic of absenteeism, this might be Marcelle’s last episode for a little while because she’s gonna have a baby or something. Possibly tonight! Who knows! The important thing is that you can rely on Hannah to keep things going and something or other about when things get dark look to the light.

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Episode 9.5: Witch, Please; Live & Unruly

**Just a wee correction to keep this episode in line with our outrageously complicated numbering system! The real number 10 will be uploaded as scheduled on Monday!**

Nothing gets your magical blood pumping quite like a room full of Harry Potter fans ready to talk about feminism! Witches, we are just over the moon on a Firebolt to bring you our first ever live episode, recorded at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Special thanks to all you listners who made it out that afternoon! You sure know how to make an angry feminist team feel special.

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