Episode 8.5: Encounters with Trolls

Gird your loins, witches, because it’s time for ANOTHER #witchpleasetellme minisode. Thrill to the sounds of Hannah bravely confronting Trevor, the erstwhile robot troll of our hearts. Will she defeat this perilous foe? Only time will tell! (Spoiler: no.)

Don’t fret if your question wasn’t selected. Now that the episode is recorded, we’ll re-post your queries on Twitter so that everyone can see how brilliant our listeners are.

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Episode 8: The Winner of the Raspberry Cup

Howdy, witches!

We recorded this episode in Marcelle’s rasberry-filled yard, all the while stuffing our faces with these spectacularly tart backyard berries. If only we realized at the time how entirely à propos our snack choice was! Can you find all the “raspberries” in tonight’s episode? Listen and find out.

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