Episode 8: The Winner of the Raspberry Cup

Howdy, witches!

We recorded this episode in Marcelle’s rasberry-filled yard, all the while stuffing our faces with these spectacularly tart backyard berries. If only we realized at the time how entirely à propos our snack choice was! Can you find all the “raspberries” in tonight’s episode? Listen and find out.

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Episode 7.5: A Draught of Veritaserum



Hello, dear witches!

Tonight we present to you… our second minisode! While Hannah rubs elbows in Montreal, Marcelle answers your questions with the help of our erstwhile tech support and the robot of our hearts: Trevor.

Thanks to everyone who submitted #witchpleasetellme questions! We love interacting with our listeners even more than we love the Harry Potter series. And, now that she’s allowed to look at the twitter feed, Marcelle will re-post all of your excellent queries for everyone’s enjoyment!

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