Episode 7B: The Goblet is Political

Welcome back, witches! We are thrilled to bring you our second (too-long) episode of Witch, Please about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In today’s episode, “The Goblet is Political,” guest host Andrea Hasenbank helps us wrap our heads around the issue of labour (domestic, craft, and pre-industrial) in the wizarding world.

We’re dealing with a lot of big, serious topics, so you may notice a slight derth of whimsical sound effects. We’re pretty optimistic that the discussions themselves will compensate for this absence.


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Episode 7A: The Tri-and-fail-to-fit-everything-into-an-hour Tournament

Here we are, witches, with the first of TWO too long episodes about Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. Marcelle is back from her adventures in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (a mystical land whose residents think Witch, Please episodes appear on Tuesdays!) and joins Hannah for an 85-minute discussion about displacing racial violence onto “grievable subjects,” precarity, sexual violence, Game of Thrones, and more.

Spoilers ABOUND in this episode, so proceed with caution.

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Episode 6: Neale Barnholden and the Final Cut

Witch Please Episode 6

This episode was a real adventure–not just the editing, but the recording process, too. An extra long wait for an extra long episode: it makes sense, if you think about it!

We are excited to present to you Witch, Please Episode 6: Neale Barnholden and the Final Cut, which would make a pretty decent band name IMHO.

Extra special thanks to CJSR fm, the Edmonton Public Library, and the wonderful viewers and organizers of Edmonton’s Accio Books.


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