S2E8: Witch, Please and the Magic of Inter-Continental Technology

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Well, witches, it’s that time of year again for the first time (technically the second time): time to say “later witches” and actually mean “see you in a few months.” This is our first ever (intentional) Season Finale, but don’t desair! We’ll be back again next summer BIGGER, BOLDER, and SEXIER THAN EVER! You’re gonna love it. So, until then… later witches xoxo.

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S2E6: Witch, Please and the Symphonic Discourse

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Good evening witches and magicians and wizards of all ages! Welcome to this evening’s musical performance of Witch, Please!

This fornight has Marcelle “in the field” interviewing Konstantine Kurelias and Amanda Brace, two staff members of the Winspear Centre, about the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra’s enchanting production of The Music of Harry Potter! As a special treat, you’ll also hear Marcelle debrief the performance with longtime friend and basically brother Stephen Tchir—a Master of Music and member of the band The Provincial Archive.

As always, don’t forget to listen all the way through for our latest #trywitches tournament challenge and the answer to this episode’s #witchpleasetellme question!

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In this episode you’ll hear a LOT of music, including tracks from Kesha’s new album Rainbow, which is streaming for free on Spotify; Christopher O’Riley’s piano cover of Radiohead’s “Airbag”; selections from the many Harry Potter tunes (all of which can be found on YoutTube but, honestly, do petition your local Symphony Orchestra to perform the music if they can!); and a few classical classics that are 100% in the public domain we swear. AND we enthusiastically recommend that you check out the books of N.K. Jemisin for more life-changing fantasy.

Good gravy it’s after 4am. xoxo

S2E3: Witch, Please and the Rise of White Nationalism

Howdy partners! Grab yer ten galleon hats and join us as we impose our critical feminism on Calgary, Alberta during the Stamp—er………. that is the Comics and Entertainment Expo that took place this past April. Marcelle hosted a one-witch panel wherein she discussed the rise of fascism in the Harry Potter series. You’ll notice references to slides during the talk; you can view or download them from the links below 🙂

In keeping with our shiny new format, Hannah and Marcelle cap off the episode with fanfare, shout-outs, and the latest #trywitches tournament challenge. Plus they answer another #witchpleasetellme question!

Mega props to all the folks who came out for the Comics Expo panel, especially those who braved a question, and super thanks to the Expo organizers for letting us rabble rouse just a bit!


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