Episode 12.5: Montages Through the Ages


Pull out your scissors and glue sticks, witches, because today we’re bringing you a very special montage-filled minisode. As part of our public lecture, “Witch, Please: Feminist Fandom, Public Pedagogy, and Podcasting,” delivered at the University of Calgary, Marcelle prepared two audio montages of our book and movie episodes. They’re pretty charming, and you should probably listen to them and share them with everyone you know.

If you’d like to see a little more of our public lecture, you can check out the live tweet stream and some gratuitous gifs on our Storify.

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Episode 10.5: Gadding with Guys (with film degrees)

This week, as Marcelle and our erstwhile tech support selfishly abandon us to care for a newborn, Hannah and genuine guy-with-a-film degree Neale Barnholden go on magical tour of cinematic and material history, featuring dragons! It’s a Q&A minisode, minus the mini. Buckle in, dear listeners, because things are going to get shouty.

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A Very “Witch, Please” Halloween

Hey there, darling witches! We’re in a little over our heads this week, with babies and weddings and grading and a nasty bogart problem in the pantry, so we made you the mini-est of minisodes in the form of #deathdayparty, a conceptual art piece in which we watched The Woman in Black and pretended it was a sequel to the Harry Potter movies. You can check it out on Twitter, or for bonus spooky GIF content, take a look at our Storify. Added incentive: a tiny peek of baby Kosman!