S3E3: Witch, Please Goes Rogue on Prequels


So this one’s on time, but witches? It is pretty. silly. We sat down, in the same room, with our favourite guy-with-a-film-degree, and we talked about the fan-made prequel film Voldemort: Origins of the Heir. If you don’t mind spoilers, this Telegraph review will set the tone for the episode.

This episode contains fewer sound effects than usual because it was too hard to fit them in between all the laughter. It also contains an above average amount of us being delighted with ourselves. Strap in!

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Download this Fan-Made Episode (because we are clearly fans of ourselves) 

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Hannah McGregor

I am an Assistant Professor in Publishing @ SFU. My areas of research include periodical studies, media studies, middlebrow culture, contemporary and early twentieth-century Canadian literature, critical race studies, and digital humanities. I also make a fortnightly podcast about Harry Potter.

2 thoughts on “S3E3: Witch, Please Goes Rogue on Prequels”

  1. Hello Hannah and Marcel,
    just commenting to say thank you so so so much for your podcast. I know you must get messages like this absolutely all the time, but from the dregs of my being THANK YOU!
    When I came across your podcast, my life was shit. I was struggling with PTSD from a rape attack I’d experienced when I was eleven that I hadn’t been able to tell anybody about (I’m almost 16 now), trying to come out to my parents as a lesbian and I was basically suicidal. I’m now in counselling, I’ve discovered a love of life and a passion for writing (which it turns out I’m not that crap at) and my parents arecoming to terms with everything I’d tried to hide. I have an amazinggirlfriend, and am slowly trying to reassemble my life. But it was the conversations I listened to on your podcast, about books I truly loved, that gave me the courage to talk about it. If Hermione can cast a memory spell on her parents, I can do anything. If hermione and witch please exists, life is worth something.

    I have always loved books – I listened to Harry Potter on cassette
    before I could read – and I read anything I can get my hands on.
    However, this was mostly classics published in the 1800’s, so Jane
    Eyer to me was a feminist hero, (tbh she is – lizzie Bennet too, but Emma can go rockclimbing), so hearing your feminist chats about books have really changed me. I’m reading feminist literature (and marxist literature) and I want to study the cultural effects of literature when I’m older.
    So just.. thank you. So so much

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