S3E2: Witch, Please and the Rogue History Lesson

artist credit: Trevor Chow-FraserOH MY GOLLY WE ARE SO ROGUE IT IS RUUUUDE.

But we are ever grateful for your patience and love, dear listeners! This episode comes to you after much travel and celebration and exhaustion and desperately-needed rest on the part of your hosts. It means the world to us that you’re so chill about the lag since S03E01. (Also, time is just a social construct so, like, what even is a fortnight?)

This episode contains the audio recoding from Marcelle’s keynote lecture at the 86th Annual ABQLA Conference. (Librarians are AWESOME! I had the BEST time!!!) Maybe you want to scroll through the slides as you listen? This is a grand idea because our erstwhile tech support Trevor Chow-Fraser made them and they are beauuuuuutiful. You can find a PDF at the bottom of this post. (Just assume it’s a new slide every minute or so; sorry there’s no indicator of when to flip the page…)

In this lightly edited episode, Hannah and Marcelle get heavily silly. We hope you enjoy!

Download this Rogue Lecture about Early 20th Century Canadian Print Culture Hermione

SLIDES: Hermione Keynote FINAL
(Slide deck c/o Trevor Chow-Fraser, Robot of our hearts!)

3 thoughts on “S3E2: Witch, Please and the Rogue History Lesson”

  1. Thank you so much dear witches for this magic podcast that fills me with joy everytime I listen to a new episode! Do you have recommendations of other podcasts, podcasts that you love?

  2. Hi. Nerdy librarian type, here. I just want you to know that I am using (and citing!) this podcast in basically ALL of my information literacy and research skills classes this semester. And hopefully always.

    The description of Hermione as a critical reader, AND Marcelle’s overview of how her research process evolved are basically librarian gold.

    I don’t even want to say how many times I have listened to this ep. Or, every ep, let’s be honest.

    Marcelle and Hannah, thanks for being a rad feminists AND incredible scholars. At The Same Time.

  3. Could somebody with more artistic talent than me, pleeeeeeeeaaase make a Lisa Frank/Soviet Propaganda style representation of a Harry Potter Trojan Horse Pooping Handmaidens of Feminism??! I would definitely buy a print.

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