S2E8: Witch, Please and the Magic of Inter-Continental Technology

image credit: Melbourne Writers Festival

Well, witches, it’s that time of year again for the first time (technically the second time): time to say “later witches” and actually mean “see you in a few months.” This is our first ever (intentional) Season Finale, but don’t desair! We’ll be back again next summer BIGGER, BOLDER, and SEXIER THAN EVER! You’re gonna love it. So, until then… later witches xoxo.

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3 thoughts on “S2E8: Witch, Please and the Magic of Inter-Continental Technology”

  1. Hi there!
    First of all: I love your podcast! Thanks so much for making my study breaks both fun and informative. Second of all: I’ve been looking to do some reading on the history of witchcraft in Western society. Would either of you recommend any books or articles in particular?
    Thanks and happy holidays!

  2. Great episode ladies, definitely recommend reading Terra Nullius for anyone interested in SF written by an indigenous Australian woman

  3. I think pumpkin pasties are vegetarian versions of Cornish pasties.

    My favourite theory you came up with for things Harry didn’t notice was that Lavender and co are going on their own adventures learning about more a different kind of magic from Trelawney.

    Also I think the Ministry functions basically like the civil service, but with no government to decide things. So essentially, Fudge got voted in by the senior civil servant managers because they thought he was a good civil servant manager / not too threatening to them politically.

    Finally: I felt a bit icky about the succubus conversation. I’m asexual, and the thought that a magical being is just sexy to anyone, including people who literally have no sexual response, feels a bit… invalidating? Personally, I like to imagine an aromantic student who hires herself out as a food taster to the upper years because she’s immune to love potions but can still taste them.

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