S2E3: Witch, Please and the Rise of White Nationalism

Howdy partners! Grab yer ten galleon hats and join us as we impose our critical feminism on Calgary, Alberta during the Stamp—er………. that is the Comics and Entertainment Expo that took place this past April. Marcelle hosted a one-witch panel wherein she discussed the rise of fascism in the Harry Potter series. You’ll notice references to slides during the talk; you can view or download them from the links below 🙂

In keeping with our shiny new format, Hannah and Marcelle cap off the episode with fanfare, shout-outs, and the latest #trywitches tournament challenge. Plus they answer another #witchpleasetellme question!

Mega props to all the folks who came out for the Comics Expo panel, especially those who braved a question, and super thanks to the Expo organizers for letting us rabble rouse just a bit!


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The slides!
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