Harry Potter and the Sexy Reboot

sexxxy reboot
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Hold onto your hard drives, witches, because we have an announcement for you!

We’ve been thinking over the past months about ways to make Witch, Please sustainable. After two years of fortnightly episodes, we’re worried about fizzling out over the next year. We don’t want to fizzle out, dear witches, because hanging out with you is too much fun. And so we have arrived at: A PLAN.

Proudly announcing: Witch, Please 2.0, this time with seasons, and maybe an even more incomprehensible numbering system?

Starting this summer, we are going to begin producing annual seasons of new episodes. Shorter seasons will let us keep going for longer, and ensure that we can stick around to talk about the next 4,000 Harry Potter movies. Episodes this summer will include Hannah’s visit to London, our promised viewing of A Very Potter Musical, a discussion of the music of the wizarding world, and more!

Until then, we’ll stay on Twitter and in your hearts. But for now: later, witches.

Download this announcement/episode (announcisode?)

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Hannah McGregor

I am an Assistant Professor in Publishing @ SFU. My areas of research include periodical studies, media studies, middlebrow culture, contemporary and early twentieth-century Canadian literature, critical race studies, and digital humanities. I also make a fortnightly podcast about Harry Potter.

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Sexy Reboot”

  1. Need more witch please!

    My suggestion? Look at other fantasy. In a perfect world you’ll do a while series on Wheel of Time.

  2. I love this podcast! Can’t wait to hear more episodes in the new format!

    I’ve come across some interesting discussions on tumblr, where people are saying that Snape is coded with antisemitic traits – would love to hear your thoughts on this in #jewwatch some time!

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