Episode 18B: #FantasticAsks, Or, That’s Real Fucked Up



We don’t believe in resolutions because they are a neoliberal conceit intended to keep you politically docile by convincing you that your very being is a perfectable project. But we do believe in trying to educate yourself every damn day, and in that spirit, this minisode is accompanied by some recommended readings. Enjoy!

Content Warning for this episode: discussion of racialized violence and murder.

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Hannah McGregor

I am an Assistant Professor in Publishing @ SFU. My areas of research include periodical studies, media studies, middlebrow culture, contemporary and early twentieth-century Canadian literature, critical race studies, and digital humanities. I also make a fortnightly podcast about Harry Potter.

2 thoughts on “Episode 18B: #FantasticAsks, Or, That’s Real Fucked Up”

  1. I don’t think Credence did die, did he? Didn’t Newt see a small part of the Obscurus crawling away near the end? Newt was surprised that someone as old as Credence has survived this far, so is it possible that Credence and his Obscurus are now one and the same? His Obscurus can’t survive without him as a host, so I don’t think Credence is really dead. That’s my theory, anyway!

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