Episode Sigma: Harry Potter and the Brand of Loyalty

Image credit: Ashley Hostetter "The Charming Classroom"
Image credit: Ashley Hostetter “The Charming Classroom”

Welcome back, witches! We are gearing up to tackle Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! In this fantastic minisode, Marcelle sits down with Harry Potter marketing wiz and wandmaker-in-training  Rachelle Saunders (of Science for the People fame) to talk about branding and Harry Potter. So grab your House Scarf and an official Witch, Please mug of hot cocoa and cozy up for this magical exploration of marketing in the Potterverse!

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The sound effect of the melodious human singing “Sexyyyyyyyyyy” came from maurolupo.

3 thoughts on “Episode Sigma: Harry Potter and the Brand of Loyalty”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful episode! I learned a lot – as always, I’m inclined to say.
    I had a short remark about people turning away from specific brands because of their popularity. You noted that this does not seem to have happened in the case of Harry Potter. Not to refute you point at all, but this made me think about the way in which I came to the series. I was about 10 when the books started becoming popular in non-UK Western Europe, and I simply refused to read to books for a very long time because they were so popular. My mother eventually made me sit down and read them, and I went from 0 to 100 very quickly, but this kept me away from the series for a significant amount of time. This probably says more about me than about the marketing of the series, but I thought it would be a fun bit to share 🙂 .
    On a completely different note: I so love your academic approach to the series. As an academic myself, though in a different field, listening your analyses really helps me to keep my own lines of reasoning clear and honest, so all the house points to you all for that!

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