Episode 18.5: Fabulous Trailers and Their Locations

Image source: Fantastic Beasts "Final Trailer"
Image source: Fantastic Beasts “Final Trailer”

Welcome to the future, witches! In this episode, Marcelle and Neale tackle the trailers for the first (of FIVE?!?!) movie in the Fabulous Beasts and Their Locations Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film franchise. We honestly cannot believe we are going to do this five more times, but for sure by the second or third movie release we’ll live in the same city as Hannah again so these minisodes will be even more hilarious!

HEY! Speaking of being in the same city: Marcelle and Hannah and Trevor and the hippogriff baby will be in Medford/Boston, MA on Monday November 14th and Tuesday November 15th, so check out our twitter account (link to your left) for details about your Fantastic Hosts and Where to Find Us! Here’s the Facebook event for our panel at Tufts with Lydia XZ Brown!

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The sound effect of the melodious human singing “Sexyyyyyyyyyy” came from maurolupo.

5 thoughts on “Episode 18.5: Fabulous Trailers and Their Locations”

  1. Hello, i have a wish in my heart of you guys doing a mini pod series where you talk about the engelsfors trilogy. Its a Swedish tale of witches witch has a lot of feminist and intersectional subtext and its been translated into English!

    In witch case its a recommended read!

    PS love your podcast its amaze and it fills my head up with great thoughts and wisdoms(witchdoms?) !

      1. These look great! Thanks for the recommendation — and if we ever do branch out from the Harry Potter franchise, we’ll definitely keep them in mind! In the meantime, I might read them just for fun…

  2. Hiya!

    I just wanted to stop by and let you guys know that the podcast has meant the world to me recently, and I’m really excited to hear your thoughts on Fantastic Beasts. I know there’s a lot wrong with the film in terms of problematic characterisations and the whole JK Rowling blocking activists on twitter issue, which makes me very sad (JK Rowling, do better plz). All of this being said, the return to the wizarding world has been so wonderful, and really needed for me. Just over two weeks ago, there was a massive magnitude 7.5 earthquake in New Zealand which is where I live, and I cannot even begin to explain how welcome this world was in the midst of aftershocks (which are still going on and literally in the thousands). The midnight showing for this film was even cancelled because there was concern that one of the local cinema’s carpark would collapse 🙁 Regardless, it is incredible how much these little fictional spaces can help with the anxiety caused by natural disasters.

    Also, just a little note to you amazing women, you guys have been so wonderful in keeping me somewhat sane during this time. I’m so happy to hear critical discussion on literature I love, and re-listening to the podcast has been incredibly therapeutic during the long shaky nights when I have been anxious and frightened. Thank you so much for that xx

    Sending you all of the love and good vibes,

    1. Thanks for these kind words, Edie! It’s so wonderful to know that in difficult times our podcast helps people out, even a little. We’re thinking of you all the way over there on the other sound of the world, and wishing you stability in all its resonances.

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