Episode 15A: Witch, Please and the Curious Child Part 1

Image: Tasha Chawner
Image: Tasha Chawner, flickr

Grab your contraband Time Turners, witches, because we’re zipping back in time to episode 15A: the first half of our discussion of the play script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

Speaking of time, in this episode Hannah and Marcelle dive into recording from two different timezones! The results are PRETTY GOOD!

Dramatic reading background music by Bensound.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 15A: Witch, Please and the Curious Child Part 1”

  1. RE: sorting of Scorpius (and other kids). A theory that I subscribe to is that the sorting hat does not sort kids on qualities but on opinions. As in, kids who wish to be brave, or value bravery a lot, will get sorted into Gryffindor. Not because the are brave, but because they value it as a quality. Hermoine by all rights should be in Ravenclaw, Neville is not brave in the beginning of the stories. But it is something they both value a lot. So Ravenclaws aren’t nessecarily smart, they just value knowledge and academics. Hufflepuffs value loyalty and Slytherins value ambition and position. Another theory that I like is that the hat sorts the kids based on the things they need/want to learn of be. I really like both these theories, because it doesn’t judge the qualities that the kids have, but their plans and ideas what make a good character.

  2. I weirdly read this book not as a novel and not as a play… in my head, it felt exactly like when I read fanfictions… I can’t pinpoint why. If I cared enough I would read it again.

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