Episode 16: Witch, Please: New and Improved

Image source: Tumblr
Image source: Tumblr

Welcome to our brand new podcast, The Harry Potter Hour, Starring Feminism! It’s a lot like our old podcast Witch, Please except, uh, Newer and Different!

This truly is the last episode of classic Witch, Please, though. After this it’s all paratexts, minisodes, and shenanigans! No more rules, no more social decorum, no more consistency. If the episode seems a little early, that’s because the Internet screwed up and we didn’t know how to fix it we wanted to give you a special present before leaving you NOT FOREVER PLEASE DON’T FREAK OUT. Look to your podcatchers on August 1 for the next minisode. Until then, you can settle in comfortably with your reliably clever and hilarious hosts as we’re joined by the über popular Guy With A Film Degree Neale Barnholden to talk about the last official Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 16: Witch, Please: New and Improved”

  1. Hello all!

    Just wanted to offer a quick correction just for clarity’s sake. The reason why Crabbe does not appear in this film, and the reason why he seems to be replaced by Zabini is because the actor playing Crabbe was either fired or declined to return because of an arrest for cannabis possession (and I think finding some plants too). This kinda takes away some of the tokenism that comes from promoting Zabini to a speaking character (only marginally, as he was already an example of tokenism to begin with).

    I cannot wait to hear the flashy new podcast! I was only introduced to the podcast recently but I am completely hooked. It is so great to experience popular media through an academic lens!


  2. I always took Harry saying ‘I’m going to put {the wand} back where it came from’ to mean that he was going to bury it, as Death takes the wand from nature. However the wiki seems to disagree with me.

    What do fellow witches think is the significance of Harry meeting Dumbledore at his ‘party’ at Kingscross? Is it because Dumbledore was the most instrumental deceased person in his life? The person needed by the plot to explain the super confusing wand, Voldemort, love stuff? Or does Harry just want to have a chat to his conniving, emotionally manipulative god figure?

    Also, what does Dumbledore see in the mirror of Erised: his family reunited or himself as the Master of Death?

    By the way, I don’t know if you’ve had this tweeted at you a thousand times but with regards to Polyjuice potion changing your voice, in Chamber of Secrets it says: “‘Are you two OK?’ Goyle’s low rasp issued from his mouth. ‘Yeah,’ came the deep grunt of Crabbe from his right.”

    Can’t wait for the new podcast, later witches! ; )

  3. I was just listening to your discussion on objects and the public ownership of things like Godrick’s sword and the Elder Wand, and how keeping things for Horcruxes is like personal ownership amplified, and it made me think about how Voldemort uses his diary as something so important as to use it for that, contrasted with Snape’s annotation-filled potions book and the fact it was left for students to use in presumably Hogwarts lost property. What do you think this says about Snape as a character? Is it similar to your friend writing in library books for the benefit of the next owner or is it more of a self deprecating thoughtless action?

    1. Ooh, that’s a really interesting point! Snape has nowhere near the obsession with fame/immortality that Voldemort does, and is disgusted at those who hunger for it (or those, like Harry, who he thinks hunger for it). The opposition between their treatments of their books would seem to amplify some fundamental differences between them.

  4. I think this is a good episode to point out something I noticed about the horcruxes. Even though the conflict between Harry and LV is often portrayed as a personal one-on-one fight, Harry only destroys one of the Horcruxes personally. Each horcrux is destroyed by a different person, so it’s truly a team effort (Harry destroys the diary, Dumbledore destroys the ring, Ron the locket, Hermione the cup, Crabbe kills the diadem, Voldemort himself takes out (MASSIVE SPOILER OMITTED), and Neville kills the snake.)

  5. I was watching some Doctor Who today, namely the episode titled “Journey’s End” (where Rose, Jack, Sarah Jane, Martha and Donna band together to help defeat the Daleks)

    I hadn’t seen it in a while but after listening to you both talk about Harry’s belief that people are dying because of him, watching Davros taunt the Doctor about his pacifism resulting in his companionship risking their lives to help him rang a bell.

    Of course they have reason to fight with their planet being threatened, but Davros plays to the Doctor’s fears, just like Voldemort.

  6. Hi there,
    I know this episode is like 3 years old and someone probably already told you this on twitter or sth, but I just wanted to quickly remark on the german/swiss “her eyes” thesis. In german, the female singular possession pronoun as well as the third person plural possession pronoun is “ihre”. But unlike in english, or french, the formal you is not formed by the second person plural but by the third person plural, making the formal possession pronoun also “ihre”. However, the formal you is always spelled capitalized, like “I” in english. That means that actually the formal you possession pronoun is not “ihre” (like female singular) but “Ihre”. So this can not be confused in the book.
    Only in the movie you can’t hear the difference in spelling and it could (technically) mean “your eyes” or “her eyes”. Just note that this is not a deliberate translation ambiguity, you literally can’t translate this any other way using possession pronouns (you could of course use names to clarify). At this point in the story I don’t think they thought that anybody would read that line thinking it meant Harry had Snape’s eyes.
    Also I think it’s ridiculous that Dumbledore uses the formal you on Snape but that’s just a general problem with dubbed shows…

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