Episode 13B: Deathly Famous

Image Credit: Eric/Kimber on Flickr
Image Credit: Eric/Kimber on Flickr

Howdy witches!

Marcelle edited tonight’s episode in a flurry of packing so please forgive the dearth of whimsical sound effects! We hope that even without an obscene number of honks and hoots you’ll enjoy this second instalment of our discussion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. But, to be honest, we’re so internet famous now that we might just start making weird avant-garde artsy episodes to fuck with you. Probably not. But we could!

{TW: episode contains use of the song “Taps” and references to death}

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5 thoughts on “Episode 13B: Deathly Famous”

  1. If I noticed something in this episode that someone might be kind of triggered by listening to, is there a way I could tell you that not-publicly? I didn’t want to put something on Twitter and seem like I was calling you folks out or criticizing. I just thought you might want the information.

  2. I’ve a feeling in Chamber of Secrets there is textual evidence that polyjuice potion changes your voice (when Harry and Ron become Crabbe and Goyle). They do coach each other on body language and delivery though. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of adolescent and adult men artificially lower their voice to sound more ‘masculine’…

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