Episode 13A: Hedwig’s Last Flight

Hedwig Soars
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Tonight, witches, we bid farewell to a friend and confidante. As the Harry Potter series draws to an end Hannah and Marcelle get selectively weepy because compassion fatigue is real and, like, everybody dies in this book. So pour yourself a stiff drink and, while you’re at it, pour one out for Hedwig that she may soar again in our dreams.

{TW: episode contains use of the song “Taps” and references to death}

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8 thoughts on “Episode 13A: Hedwig’s Last Flight”

  1. Hello! I think Mugglenets reread had decided that the source must be Mundungus, because Mundungus suggested the plan or suchlike. Perhaps snape projected a time into Mundungus’s head, because occlumency? My personal cannon is that Snape didn’t tell V the whole plan to give the Order a chance to not be totally destroyed, but hey, that’s me.
    Also, way back in Philosopher, Harry did ask Dums what he saw in the mirror of erised, so he isns’t totally not curious about Dums. Of course, Dums made up something about socks because they totally didn’t know each other or actually have a relationship, but still.
    I also think that Harry wanted the whole truth in Hollows because Dums had done the unspeakable disappointment of a father figure dying.

    You don’t need to mention me in your giant list of names, I figure you can take a glug of wine instead.

  2. Aloha, ladies! I am only just beginning into the world of your wonderful podcast and am currently in episode 5B. It may have been mentioned in the podcast already, but I was wondering if the topic Harry Potter having been banned and vilified at points could be explored. I had to sneak all of the books under the gaze from my very conservative Catholic mother. I think the books actually helped attribute to my aversion to religious extremes and aided in spending my teenage years in a heavy-state of questioning the philosophy of spirituality.

    So incredibly enthralled with this podcast, thank ya thank ya so much.

  3. In the last six days I have listened every single episode of your podcast until this point. I am l-o-v-i-n-g it. But I really wanted to add a couple of things to your interpretation of why the three of them left Hogwarts.
    1) They are leaving Hogwarts out of necessity rather than choice. None of them *want* to leave school in the same way the Weasley twins do. In fact all three of them are pretty bummed on September 1 when they talk about how they’re not going back. I think this is the biggest way (asides from death, obvs) Rowling shows that the war is disruptive to people across the board. It is stopping them from completing their education and ultimately stopping them from getting their NEWTS and therefore qualifications to work after the war is over. I think Rowling said that after the war they all go back and do year 7 properly to get their NEWTS before going and getting their jobs.
    2) You said that in all of the books Hogwarts is this safe space. Which it was. But in this book it is NOT safe. It is under Voldemort’s rule (although tempered by Snape in some ways) and there is torture and tyranny happening in what was previously a totally sacred space of learning. Which again the three protagonists (and the reader) are really shocked and appalled by when they go back at the end of the book. So the fact the three of them are not returning there again is highlighting the shift of Hogwarts changing from a safe, secure space of learning to an unreliable place.

    Thanks for the HP love, ladies!

  4. I love your discussion of Hermione’s badassedness in this book, but I’m sad that you missed the JK’s slip-up in the beginning of this book. Hermione does this incredible spell to modify her parents memory and make them believe that they don’t have a daughter, and then a few pages later the boys ask whether she knows how to do the obliviate spell, and she replies that she only knows the theory. What?! She obviously already did this magic to protect her parents!

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