Episode N: Witch, Please! Live and Scholarly at the U of C


Settle down students because class is about to begin! Cheer for your U of A Champions Hannah and Marcelle as they swoop into the University of Calgary’s English Department on their shiny new Red Arrow broomsticks. It’s kind of like the Triwizard Tournament, except it’s like really safe for all involved.

Graciously invited by Dr. Derritt Mason and his Children’s Literature class, Marcelle and Hannah have a topical back-and-forth before opening up the floor to questions that will challenge their wits and long term memories. Will our covenheads reign supreme? (Spoiler alert: everybody wins in this scholarly romp!)

PS: Special thanks to photographer extraordinaire @sarahraemurray for this perfect image of Academic Joy.

Update: If you’d like to read along with us, here are the relevant articles!

Maria Tatar: No More Adventures in Wonderland 

Native Appropriations: “Magic in North America”: The Harry Potter franchise veers too close to home

Native Appropriations: Magic in North America Part 1: Ugh. 

Righting Red: Magic & Marginalization: Et tu, JK? 🙁

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2 thoughts on “Episode N: Witch, Please! Live and Scholarly at the U of C”

  1. Thank you for this.
    Us British people are often really, really bad with race issues around native Americans/first nations/aboriginal Australians because we don’t have a comparable cultural group in the UK. It’s a terrible blind spot; not even the more ‘woke’ British media is very aware. I didn’t really learn anything about colonialism at school, and I had no idea that redskin was a bad word until I had a conversation with an American friend about Peter Pan a few years ago. We need to do so much better.
    I have a friend from the US. She’s latinx, and moved to the UK fairly recently. She has told me that she has realised that over here, she is seen as white, which is a very strange and uncomfortable thing for her.

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