Episode M: The Technicolor Dream Snape


Get your adult colouring books ready, witches! In tonight’s minisode Hannah and Marcelle descend the rabbit hole of adult colouring books, producing a relatively unedited stream-of-consciousness discussion about books, libraries, censorship, Nazism(?!), racism in general, and how good Snape would look in jewel tones.

Aaaaaaand! if you live in the Calgary area we hope you’ll come to our public talk at the University of Calgary on Thursday March 17th. Details about the event can be found here! We look forward to seeing you there!

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2 thoughts on “Episode M: The Technicolor Dream Snape”

  1. Many years late and unlikely to ever be seen, but I have a thought on the difference between a parent preventing their own child from reading/watching/interacting with a given piece of media and actual censorship in trying to get that media banned. In the former, the parent is fulfilling their parental duty to guide their child’s growth (especially if they do a good job of explaining and contextualizing given media). In the latter, they are attempting to impose their views and values on the wider world. It’s an example of valuing their own rights, in this case the right to control their child’s access to media, over the right of others to do the same.

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