Episode 11B: The Half-coy Stint

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This outrageously tardy episode marks our FIRST birthday as a podcast, which means it’s also our first anniversary with YOU! We’ve come a long way these last twelve months and our coven has reached farther than we ever dreamed. We even got a fancy-pants makeover to celebrate! Above all, YOU are all the very best, and, to show our appreciation, we bring you our silliest and smartest episode yet!

Get your chips ready as we continue our analysis of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 11B: The Half-coy Stint”

  1. Your reading that Voldemort isn’t an ‘aberration’ but an ‘inevitable product’ of the way the wizarding world is set up floored me. It was astounding, I internally slow clapped- I also love that it made a classy exit with “F***, reading is hard.”

  2. I’m very late to this conversation but upon re-reading HBP, I think we have some more to talk about on the subject of wizards wearing pants under robes. After Apparation lessons, Peeves is blocking a passage and won’t let anyone past unless they set fire to their own pants. Later in the chapter Harry notes that Neville came back to the common room smelling like singed fabric.


  3. what’s your take on the Rowling-sanctioned idea that Voldemort can’t love or understand love since he was conceived under the influence of a love potion?

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