8 thoughts on “Episode 11A: The Full-blood Patriarchy”

  1. When I reread the books I was surprised by how wrong my perception of Harry and Ginny’s relationship was. I realised I’d based my dislike on the movie where Ginny is really maternal and ethereal. I feel like the director made Ginny perfect because in the book Harry perceives her as perfect.

    But in the book I thought Ginny was super funny and a very strong witch and character. Also, in the scenes where Ginny is making fun of Fleur and Harry’s like ‘lol she’s super hilarious.’ you can look past that and see ‘Ginny’s being really prejudiced about an intelligent person because she’s beautiful. Additionally- a tiny bit of casual xenophobia!’ The people that think Ginny suddenly appears perfect and amazing, I just wonder, ‘have you ever fancied someone?’. Fancying someone is the best and least risk plastic and personality surgery.

    And as a teenage girl, I find the casual thoughtless sexism of Ron and Harry kinda hilarious because it’s so realistic! Thank you so much for making the podcast I love it so much!

    1. I don’t know if it’s sad to amend your own comment but by ‘casual thoughtless sexism’ I mean the offhand remarks that have a foundation in mysoginy. Not the troubling behaviour of Cormac McClaggen which shouldn’t be trivialised. Although their comments annoy me, it’s nice to see an observation of their immature ignorance.

      I wanted to ask, do you like Harry as a character despite his faults? And what’s your favourites of the books and films?

  2. I love Harry, but that’s because of the particular relationship that being a reader of his books give me to him. I know his insecurities and his suffering, I’ve seen him grow up, etc. Would I be friends with him in the real world? Maaaaybe. Teenage me would have been more likely to hang out with Luna and Neville, frankly.

    1. I totally agree with you on that. I don’t think I’d be friends with Harry, too ‘lady’, and definitely not ‘pre redemption’ Ron! I’d probably have been friends with Ginny. I love the scenes when she pulls Ron up on his crap like when she cuts him off before calling her a slut or when she refuses that Ron has given her position to date Harry. She might be too cool for me though. I’d definitely have been friends with Neville and Trevor. I hope Trevor survived the Battle of Hogwarts….

  3. I see the marginalia in the potions book as another case where Snape is teaching Harry indirectly. Snape is a more effective teacher for Harry when he’s not directly giving him instruction, because direct instruction never goes well. But Harry picks up really important stuff from his other contacts with Snape, and the potions book is no exception.

    But about the marginalia in Harry’s book – (Spoiler Alert?) – If Snape were actually such a natural at potions, why would he need to make all of those notes? He would be needing to make copious notes, however, if he were getting help on potions from another source. And Slughorn made a mention that it was actually Lily who was the better student at potions. So I’m thinking that Snape may have been lab partners with Lily, and the notes on potions are tips that he got from her. In that case, the notes are actually a way for Lily to communicate with Harry across the years.

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