Episode 10: One Member Short of an Order


Tonight is a magical night for citizens in the North Land called Canada. In addition to a Federal Election with a potentially record-breaking voter turnout, there’s also some kind of sports event starring some carnivorous¬†birds that people are taking pretty seriously. Also, the latest episode of Witch, Please!

In tonight’s episode¬†Hannah and Marcelle tackle the fifth movie without any actual film expertise from our favourite Actual-Guy-with-a-Film-Degree, Neale. But fear not, covenmates, Neale will be back. And on the topic of absenteeism, this might be Marcelle’s last episode for a little while because she’s gonna have a baby or something. Possibly tonight! Who knows! The important thing is that you can rely on Hannah to keep things going and something or other about when things get dark look to the light.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 10: One Member Short of an Order”

  1. My favourite thing is the way Rowling revealed this information: that it’s “widely known” that Porpentina and Queenie are sisters, but not that they’re Goldsteins. Like, Rowling? You remember you’re making this shit up, right? We can’t know anything you don’t tell us.

  2. I hear what you’re saying about the subtext of Sirius wanting to fuck James, but I would like to submit for your consideration (on the off chance no one has in the three years since posting this) a list of evidence for it actually being Sirius and Remus, including but not limited to a forty-six line stare: http://siriuslyslytherin.tumblr.com/post/6681892095/why-sirius-and-remus-is-canon-a-brief-discussion

    in trying to rediscover the link to this essay I also found out that David Thewlis was “playing Remus as gay” from the start as per Cuaron’s advice… and I do think we see evidence of the relationship in the fifth film as well, specifically at Remus’s reaction to seeing Sirius (aka the love of his life) die (https://twitter.com/phonotactless/status/984811133478555648) and the fact that at one of the Order meetings in the kitchen Sirius literally has his arm around Remus (https://twitter.com/phonotactless/status/984771116739768321)

    also just a brief note on casting, I know it’s something that upsets the general fandom (myself included) a lot because the actors are way older than they’re supposed to be — especially in the photo of the original Order, because Lily and James are alive in it and they died at 21, whereas in the photo they look entirely middle-aged (https://twitter.com/phonotactless/status/984778419060789248)
    however, last time I watched the films and got upset about it, I looked into it and realised that we didn’t know how old Lily and James were when they died until Deathly Hallows came out, so the casting choices were made way before this crucial piece of information was available. so I’m still mad that they look way older than they’re supposed to be, but I understand why it worked out that way. I guess no one expected Rowling to be cruel enough to be like “oh yeah by the way these kids had only been out of high school for like four years when they were brutally murdered trying to save the world from darkness”

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