4 thoughts on “Episode 9: The Cleansing Fire”

  1. I would suggest that in relation to Harry not seeing the thestrals until book five, that the importance is not simply in having seen death, but also in having understood it. As an infant Harry could not possible have understood his mothers death, and so this death may not count for the thestrals. And Harry passed out before Quirrel dies in the first book, because when he wakes up in the hospital wing he still thinks that Dumbledore needs to go after Quirrel, so he is not aware of this death until he is told, thus he did not see it. Cedric is the first death that Harry not only sees, but also fully understands the consequences of, and the real impact of death.

    1. I think you might actually be onto something here — technically seeing death is really not the same as coming to terms with its reality. I still suspect there may have been a little retconning happening here, though, with him not seeing the thestrals on his way TO the Hogwarts Express.

      1. I was going to bring up the point that at the end of book 4, it is mentioned that the carriages are coming to pick them up, and I believe, it mentions the fact that they are horse-less, per usual. I can’t confirm this because I don’t own a copy of book four, but I recall it from the last time I listened to the audio book earlier this year because it stood out as a continuity error.

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