Episode 8: The Winner of the Raspberry Cup

Howdy, witches!

We recorded this episode in Marcelle’s rasberry-filled yard, all the while stuffing our faces with these spectacularly tart backyard berries. If only we realized at the time how entirely à propos our snack choice was! Can you find all the “raspberries” in tonight’s episode? Listen and find out.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 8: The Winner of the Raspberry Cup”

  1. Hello! I’m on my second go-round of binge-listening to your perfect and wonderful podcast! You talk briefly in this episode about Dumbledore’s loyal followers (and how movie Dumbledore doesn’t seem like he would inspire that sort of following). I thought you might be interested in this theory (by livejournal user pharnabazus) of the wizarding world following a structure of ancient Roman patronage networks. One of my favorite fan theories about the wider wizarding world, very clever and seamless. It does a lot to explain Dumbledore’s loyal following, and the wacky and horrifying way that the legal system seems to function.
    Enjoy! Thank you for all that you do, I love this podcast to the moon and back!

  2. I know you were taking about the spider being poor quality CGI but I wasn’t sure if it was due to the concept or the quality, that you kept saying the spider looked fake. If you meant they made up the kind of spider for the film that is actually a real kind of spider. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant but if it is I wanted to clear that up for you

  3. I think the room, where the champions are brought after the goblet chose them, is the trophy room. So it’s not just random useless magic stuff behind glass, but trophies.

  4. Just wanted to say: the British-people-don’t-like-the-French is an old, old rivalry. Like, centuries old. We used to be invaded by/at war with them a lot over the centuries, so I guess that fuelled it. And of course, the French would criticise us for our tastes and food and drink. I also wonder if there’s some cultural tendencies that just rub each other up the wrong way.

    The Blitz thing yes, features heavily in British cultural stories. WW2 was a huge, huge deal in modern history for us: the resulting rationing, lack of male workforce, and cost of rebuilding fuelled a lot of changes in the next couple of decades, leading to things like the start of the national health service and the welfare state and more women going to work. Plus – of course – there are still people living who remember it; this is not ancient history. I know a bunch of family stories featuring my grandparents that are related to WW2. Of course, the Grindelwald backstory is focussed very much on WW2, and Hogwarts reads very much like an Enid Blyton version of a British boarding school to me. Put that together with the whole wizarding war themes, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Rowling were deliberately invoking references to the Blitz.

    Also, as a further data point: when I wore sub fusc robes, I definitely wore clothing underneath.

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