Episode 7B: The Goblet is Political

Welcome back, witches! We are thrilled to bring you our second (too-long) episode of Witch, Please about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In today’s episode, “The Goblet is Political,” guest host Andrea Hasenbank helps us wrap our heads around the issue of labour (domestic, craft, and pre-industrial) in the wizarding world.

We’re dealing with a lot of big, serious topics, so you may notice a slight derth of whimsical sound effects. We’re pretty optimistic that the discussions themselves will compensate for this absence.


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7 thoughts on “Episode 7B: The Goblet is Political”

  1. I hate to be this girl, but you can’t really *be* an intersectional feminist. Intersectional feminism is a concept and theory created by a black woman to interpret and analyze oppression. It’s something you can attempt to practice as a white woman, but I don’t think you can be it.

    1. That’s a fair point, Kathryn. It might be more accurate to say that the feminism I value and celebrate is intersectional feminism, even if *I* cannot be an intersectional feminist because I can never disavow myself of the myriad privileges I bear as a white, cis-gendered, able-bodied person. I will certainly strive to be an ally to intersectional feminists and intersectional feminisms, and to listen when I am told that I’m appropriating movements that aren’t for me.

  2. So this was over a year ago but I recently started to listen.. Anyways, when you’re talking about a pre-industrialized work it makes sense since in most books and movies where magic exists those communities often are “stuck” in a medieval era. But I think that in Harry Potter it doesn’t really make sense because of the muggle world obviously moved passed that. And I know that wizards aren’t that fond of muggle technology and world of order but they could really have use of it sometimes. Well just something I started to think about and have no one to talk to about it haha.

  3. I am rather shocked that you describe Harry’s and Fred and George’s treatment of Dudley (in the previous podcast) as really awful bullying and fat-shaming (which it is). And yet, when a teacher first transfigures a student and then physically hurts him by bouncing him around AND humiliates him by doing it in front of a whole bunch of students and allowing them to laugh at this treatment… that’s merely hilarious? Huge fail.

    1. Our readings definitely have lots of weak points and we’re always open to constructive criticism and different perspectives. We rely on listeners to point out things we don’t notice! It’s also awesome when people do so generously. “Huge fail” is a pretty mean thing to say.

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