Episode 7A: The Tri-and-fail-to-fit-everything-into-an-hour Tournament

Here we are, witches, with the first of TWO too long episodes about Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. Marcelle is back from her adventures in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (a mystical land whose residents think Witch, Please episodes appear on Tuesdays!) and joins Hannah for an 85-minute discussion about displacing racial violence onto “grievable subjects,” precarity, sexual violence, Game of Thrones, and more.

Spoilers ABOUND in this episode, so proceed with caution.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 7A: The Tri-and-fail-to-fit-everything-into-an-hour Tournament”

  1. I’m just listening to this now (weeks later) and know that this has likely already been dealt with, but you are in the middle (maybe you deal with it soon) of your discussion about sex ed at Hogwarts, which you have boiled down to STIs and desire, and I have to say that I think consent might be kind of a big deal in the wizarding world. And yes, consent is relatively new compared to the books, but so is HPV (in sex ed).

  2. Regarding the sex ed discussion, another indicator that sexuality is present in this world is the fact that girls can go into the boys’ dormitory, but boys are not allowed in the girls’ – I forget which book this is in now, but Ron trying to get to Hermione turns the girls’ staircase into a slide. This may not be for sexual reasons explicitly, but I think that reason is definitely implied.

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