Episode 6: Neale Barnholden and the Final Cut

Witch Please Episode 6

This episode was a real adventure–not just the editing, but the recording process, too. An extra long wait for an extra long episode: it makes sense, if you think about it!

We are excited to present to you Witch, Please Episode 6: Neale Barnholden and the Final Cut, which would make a pretty decent band name IMHO.

Extra special thanks to CJSR fm, the Edmonton Public Library, and the wonderful viewers and organizers of Edmonton’s Accio Books.


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6 thoughts on “Episode 6: Neale Barnholden and the Final Cut”

  1. Ekow Quartey is the name of the black unnamed Gryffindor student. On imdb his character is named “Boy 1″…..Totally valid character name.

  2. sirius growls at harry when the knight bus arrives because harry wasn’t paying attention and would have been run over by the bus!!

  3. people speculated that, since the lollipop never disappeared, harry didnt actually grab it. maybe it stuck to his cloak

  4. This episode is gold! Every time I hear “Lupin is a victim of the capitalist system as are we all” I just can’t stop giggling.

  5. I see “the grim in the clouds” as maybe just pareidolia. This omen has been on his mind, and the proximity of the dementors is amplifying his focus on negative thoughts, so the image Harry sees in a bunch of random clouds is coming from his own brain, not anything the clouds are really doing. Much the way someone who is strongly catholic might see an image of the Virgin Mary where the rest of us just see random smudges.

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