6 thoughts on “Episode 5A: Prisoner of Time Restraints”

  1. I am commenting months later, and maybe you’ve answered this, but I’ve often wondered if the pudding in the Harry Potter books are referring to yorkshire pudding-type foods rather than dessert. That would make steak and kidney pudding more palatable.

  2. A very very late comment (I just found out about this podcast)

    First – thank you, it’s great and funny and I enjoy it very much.

    Second – in the end of this episode you claimed that the prophesy about what happened to Lavender was furfilled and agued about it – but it wasn’t (in my opinion), We know her rabbit died, we know she got the massage in the prophesized date but we also know it wasn’t a thing she was dreading – she told this to Hermione.

    1. Yes, this strikes me as typical of the vague BS things that real-world “psychics” say. “That thing you are dreading” – how many things are there in our lives that each of us dread? Almost anything negative that happened on that day could be interpreted as a fulfillment of the prophecy. It just happened to be her rabbit, but it could just as well have been forgetting her homework, or being called on by Snape, or saying something awkward in front of a boy she likes. So it’s not fortune-telling, it’s just confirmation bias at work.

      What I noticed about prophecies in divination class is that the random rubbish that Harry and Ron write in their divination homework is usually more prophetic of later events than anything Trelawney says in class. That’s a nice touch from Rowling, there.

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