13 thoughts on “Episode 4: The Chamber of Whiteness”

  1. I think your podcast is swell and am really enjoying it. Someone may have already pointed this out but one thing is distracting me: doesn’t erstwhile mean former or occasional?

  2. Been recommended your podcast just recently and can I just say that I am madly in love! Thank you so much for discussing Hermiones portrayal in the movies as opposed to the books! I remember first watching them when I was such a book-loving, weird-haired teenage girl who would have deserved to be called an “insufferable know-it-all” every other day, and how the depiction of her as this perfect, beautiful goddess figure in the movies has been so outrageous to me. Thanks for helping me get over that with your hilarious podcast! Can’t wait to listen to it all.

  3. Love love love your podcast!!!
    About the sock thing: We know that Harry’s socks are his uncle’s old sock which he usually gets for christmas, so they would actually be big enough to stuff an evil diary in them;)

  4. I just started the podcast. In general, I very much enjoy listening and I like that you explore themes I hadn’t previously considered though I have read the series…many times. I very much enjoy the discussion of race, privilege, and how various things are “othered” in the series. I have been looking for feminist, pop-culturey podcast for awhile and I LOVE HARRY POTTER. So, thank you for your very excellent podcast. I’m sure this has been pointed out already but (while I really like the exploration of female imagery in terms of the chamber and snakes) it is very likely that the entrance wasn’t always located in the girls’ bathroom simply because Hogwarts is old AF and was founded in….990 BCE? If we assume that plumbing is something the wizarding world adopted from muggles than it is unlikely that the girls’ bathroom was originally a bathroom. That said, love the discussion about how (now that it is a girls’ washroom and has been for sometime) its location may have impacted Riddle since he clearly has an issue with women (stemming from his resentment towards his mother). I love it- the discussion, not Riddle’s women hate.

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