h9N4ht9WWelcome to Witch, Please, a fortnightly podcast in which two lady scholars reread the entire Harry Potter series, rewatch all the movies, and discuss them for their own amusement. You can listen too.

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Hannah McGregor

I am an Assistant Professor in Publishing @ SFU. My areas of research include periodical studies, media studies, middlebrow culture, contemporary and early twentieth-century Canadian literature, critical race studies, and digital humanities. I also make a fortnightly podcast about Harry Potter.

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  1. I stumbled across you podcast and I love it! I listen to it when walking to/from work and I laugh out loud the entire time, people must think I am crazy! Thanks for making my day start on a happy note 🙂

  2. My friend and I have been so inspired by your podcast we are working on one of our own where we discuss female representation in children’s books (junior and YA). Every time we talk we keep brining up witch, please and wonder how you guys prepare your discussions. This is a long shot but we were wondering if you would be willing to let us ask you a few questions about how your fantastic podcast is made for inspirational purposes. Thank you for your podcast! ps i am a Canadian expat living in Edinburgh and your podcast gives me a ~magical~ dose of home (especially when you discuss Guelph as I went to UofG!)

  3. Hi, I started listening to your podcast this week right after your chat on Science for the People. I like it very much, but I have one comment about the Jew Watch. While you may very well be correct about the goblin/Jew correlation, I question whether the series is truly Christian just because they celebrate Christmas. Because…..the traditions they celebrate; the tree, the feasts, the gifts, etc. are all Pagan solstice traditions that were co-opted by the Christian church in the last couple of ceremonies. The Puritan-era Christians didn’t even allow Christmas celebrations. Wouldn’t the witch/wizard world be celebrating those “Christmas” traditions for centuries before the church adopted them?

    1. Absolutely, but they call it Christmas, which clearly labels it as the Christian holiday. Non-Christian pagans can and do celebrate Solstice, which would have been totally a viable option if the book didn’t want to casually locate Hogwarts within a Christian framework.

  4. I’ve only just found your podcast (I know, late to the party!) and I REALLY love it, I’m enjoying listening so much! I really do wince every time you say ‘Jew Watch’ though…I’m sure you’re doing this ironically, but it just feels a bit insensitive. Jew Watch is the name of an anti-semitic website, which ties into horrendous ‘Jewish Conspiracy’ tropes which are 1000s of years old. I’m sure you know this, but will all of your listeners? The phrase ‘Jew Watch’ might just be funny to many… (and saying ‘nope, no Jews in this’ ignores Hogwarts student Anthony Goldstein – he might not be mentioned by he’s there!!) Anyway, this is a fantastic podcast, but the Jew Watch segment trivialises what is in fact a really deep issue. Thank you!!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Hannah. We had absolutely no idea about the real “Jew Watch” — it was a riff on another podcast’s “Haunted Doll Watch” segment, but with Marcelle (who is, of course, Jewish) driving a different kind of attention to our reading. It’s certainly coming from a place of one of our co-hosts using humour to deal with a profoundly serious and personally difficult topic, not a belief that anti-semitism is at all trivial. There’s a real question here about humour and identity and language, and it’s not one I can fully speak to. What I can say that Anthony Goldstein is a textbook token character who, in MY reading, doesn’t do enough to mitigate the anti-semitic representation of the goblins.

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